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Green Tea – How It Is Different From Other Tea?

Posted by Admin on September, 14, 2020

Green tea has been the most admired drink in Asian countries for centuries. But, in the Western world, black tea has been tremendously more popular than green tea until recently. But, as we have educated more about green tea's exclusive taste and many health benefits, it has gained reputation all over the world supplied by the green tea supplier in Tamil Nadu.

Green tea is made by roasting the leaves speedily. Where black tea is made by overexposing the leaves to sun heat till the time its colour turn from green to black.

Benefits of drinking green tea

Cancer: An orderly review conducted in 2012 stated that the facts that green tea can prevent cancer ‘are insufficient and inconclusive'. The details did state however that there are some facts that this tea can cause a lessening in certain types of cancer (i.e., breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers).

Heart disease: some research shows that drinking this tea may control several risk factors for heart disease, such as weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Cholesterol: green tea may lower low-density lipoprotein and complete cholesterol levels in the blood, according to numerous short studies. But it is not recognized whether the effects of this tea resulted in fewer deaths.

Diabetes: there are some facts that green tea may help control blood glucose levels. Though, this has not been extensively tested in people and more research is needed.

The difference between greed tea and other tea

Processing - Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea, but it is processed in a different way. Green tea, though, is not fermented like black tea. Green tea leaves are kept out to wither for about 8 to 24 hours after plucking to let most of the water to evaporate.

Flavor - Since green tea is in a very natural state, it tastes more plant like than black tea. Mainly people explain green tea as having a somewhat "grassy" taste. It is green and rather pale in color, and can become bitter if over brewed.

Serving method - Green tea require cooler water than any other tea for good brewing. Water for green tea should be bowled to about 160°F. It taste can be enhance by sweetener, milk or lemon if you prefer. It can also be enjoyed cold. Keeping a jug of iced green tea in your refrigerator lets you have the benefit of it all day long.

Caffeine Content - Green tea contains just about half the amount of caffeine as black tea. Black tea has about 40 mg of caffeine per serving, while green tea contains just 20. In addition, caffeine in tea has been revealed to be less likely to cause jitters than other caffeinated beverages.

Health Benefits - Green tea has established a lot of attention in recent years because it has been shown in research to be very useful at preventing many diseases and even in treating some.

Qualities of an ideal green tea supplier in Tamil Nadu

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