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Virgin Coconut Oil: Mother Of All Oils

Posted by Admin on November, 19, 2020

Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil which is produced by cold pressing the fluid from the fresh coconut and then extracting the oil from milky fluid without heat exposure and chemical processes. It has gained more popularity across the world in comparison with ordinary coconut oil for its incredible nutrition and benefits.

Attributes of Virgin coconut oil

• 100% natural and cold-pressed

• Major source of Lauric Acid or healthy fatty acid and Vitamin E.

• Free from trans fatty acid

• Powerful antioxidants

• Longer shelf life as compared to other vegetable oil

• Pleasant aroma and taste

Virgin coconut oil is abundant in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thus making it suitable for everyone. Virgin coconut oil is a valuable gift from Mother Earth that offers great taste with many health benefits such as-

• It is the ideal massage oil for babies and can also be used for skin and hair applications as it is free from chemical formulations and provides good protection to the skin of the baby.

• Presence of Lauric Acid and Vitamin E in virgin coconut oil can smash harmful microbes due to its influential antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral properties which helps in easing out conditions such as bacterial and fungus infections, herpes etc.

• Virgin coconut oil improves the levels of good cholesterol which helps in promoting heart health.

• Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) present in coconut oil is super-rich in ketones which helps in boosting memory and treats Alzheimer’s disease.

• Virgin coconut oil is used as aroma therapeutic oil which is very relaxing, calm and eases fatigue.

• It prevents dandruff and hair loss, repairs hair damage, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp with essential proteins.

• It is also used as a moisturizer and sunscreen as it is abundant in Vitamin E which acts as a sunscreen and blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays.

India is the major producer of coconut in the world and virgin coconut oil is produced from the fresh coconut kernel. This oil is gaining popularity all over the world and in order to suffice the demand, there are numerous competent virgin coconut oil suppliers in India who are providing this edible oil to make your food more delicious and nutritious. Rajalakshmi Exports is one of the reputed suppliers of virgin coconut oil. Some of the virtues of Virgin coconut oil suppliers in India are-

• They have a vast and infrastructural unit where manufacturing takes place by following hygienic practices.

• They also conduct stringent quality control on various parameters such as freshness and wholesomeness to provide superior quality product.

• They have a team of qualified and trained professionals who have good knowledge and experience from sourcing the products to packing them.

• They follow ethical business policies, maintain regulations and carry transparent business transactions.

• They also do customized packaging as per customer’s requirements.

• They use high quality packaging material like smudge free and tamper proof labels.

• They offer easy payment terms, modes and conditions.

• They offer products in the market at competitive prices and are in compliance with industry norms and standards.

Hence, we can conclude that replacing your regular cooking oil with virgin coconut oil adds great flavor to your dishes and gives more nutritional value.

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